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Action New Zealand
The Riverjet adventure will introduce you to a slice of New Zealand scenery only a select few have ever seen.

RiverJet Scenic Safari

Tour through great pine forests and open farmlands that line the river bank along with some of New Zealand’s most beautiful, unspoilt Native bush. The sleek black boat takes you through the magnificent Tutukau Gorge where canyon walls rise 50 dramatic metres above the magnificent Waikato River. This is a 1.15 minute trip. Plenty of thermal activity can be seen from the safety of the Riverjet boats.
RiverJet Thermal Safari

This is the only Riverjet in New Zealand that incorporates a geothermal wonderland experience. As you travel through the Tutukau Gorge to the hidden valley of Orakei Korako. This enchanting natural geothermal park that has fabulous walks around steaming cliffs, amazing hot pools and the awesome Aladdin’s cave.

Sitting in the boat along side the silica terraces, the largest in the southern hemisphere, great photo opportunities.

Once we get to Orakei Korako we board the ferry for a short trip across the Waikato for a short walk around this amazing geothermal park, with steaming cliffs, geysers, hot boiling mud pools and the unique thermal cave.

Then back on the mighty black boat for the return thrill ride.

RiverJet Eel

Stopping in the gorge on the way home we talk about eeling on the river and we have got an eel trap set and will pull it on board to show them the Waikato Green Neck Eel. When we pull the rope up it has a few bottles of Champagne that we open as we drift thru the unique setting. This eel is best tasted in the wild. Great photo opportunities.

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