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M*A*S*H Campsite Themed Events M*A*S*H Campsite Themed Events M*A*S*H Campsite Themed Events
Action New Zealand
“The team isn’t going to make it back to base in time tonight. You will have to set up camp now. It’s already getting dark - so dark that half of your team members already can’t see...”

Mission: to erect an entire army campsite

  • Each team breaks into smaller groups.
  • Half of the members of each group are blindfolded
  • Only those blind folded are allowed to touch the equipment
  • Those not blindfolded must communicate clearly and effectively and guide teammates to successfully erect the campsite
  • This activity is designed to promote listening and communication skills while encouraging trust amongst members
  • Forward planning and briefing is essential
This is a great way to involve a large group in an activity with a shared goal. See who breaks when the pressure is on! If you’re team isn’t based in Rotorua, Action NZ can come to you! We are Rotorua's leading mobile entertainment providers!
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Love the M*A*S*H Theme? We also host M*A*S*H themed corporate dinners

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