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Battle to complete the Treasure Hunt and set up your catapult, then your team can really test their skills!
  • Two to three hour team activity with teams of 6 -10 people
  • Teams start with a compass, a series of decoding cards, and a clue
  • Teams must decipher the code to get to the next Treasure Bag
  • Collect a Treasure bag at each point containing a vital clue and a piece needed for your catapult
  • Activities along the way may require the whole team, or a chosen two or three
  • Points given at each activity contribute to overall team score
  • At the end, teams must assemble the catapult and fire the items given, in an attempt to get the longest distance

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Possible Activities
These action activities may be used throughout the event, depending on the day and weather conditions. You can choose up to four action events to include in your treasure hunt. They can be changed to suit your corporate style.
  • Slater Board Race: timed event that all the teams will have to complete
  • Mountain Bike Section: a timed small cross-country course for three of the team to complete
  • Stock Whips: all can have a cracking good time. This activity is even funnier for the people watching than those playing! Three of the team on this event
  • Nail Drive: three team members try to hammer the nail home in the least amount of hits as possible
  • Raging River Crossing: using a two man raft, try to get all of your team members across the swimming pool in the quickest time. (Don’t get wet!)

Optional “BIG BANG” Extra:

Fire at a target loaded with explosives until it blows up!

Contact us if you aren’t based in Rotorua! We can bring our corporate team building activities and themed events to you! We are Rotorua's leading mobile entertainment company.
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