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Raft Building and Racing Fear Factor Golf Top Town
Action New Zealand
This activity is for groups wanting fun team development!

  • Groups break into teams and rotate around action activities 
  • Points are scored by teams as they complete tasks 
  • Program suitable for all group sizes, ages, and abilities
  • Tasks can be tailored to suit your specific group


Raft Race
  1. Load equipment and get it to the set-up area
  2. Create a raft using supplied equipment
  3. Sink or Float! Race around the buoy and back to get the best time!
Fear Factor Golf Challenge

Hit a golf ball into a numbered circle. Each number corresponds with a food that must be eaten. Types of food may vary from chocolate bars to sheep tongues!

We can also include your company product in this activity.

Top Town

Teams compete at different activities, collecting as much water as possible throughout a course. The water will be needed for the final activity.

If you enjoyed Top Town on TV recently, this is a fun version for your corporate team!
Don't forget- most of our services are fully mobile- we are one of Rotorua's leading mobile entertainment companies.

Contact us at Action New Zealand for further details.

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